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guiding principles

We believe that the care and education children receive in their early years form the foundation on which their futures are built. Children flourish when nurturing caregivers provide quality experiences in child-centered learning environments designed to maximize their unique physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual potential.  

Our community of caring professionals is committed to providing an environment where children are excited about learning and know they are loved by God.

We commit our best efforts as caregivers and educators because we believe in the intrinsic value of each young child's life.

Our program is carried out with the belief that each child is special and individual and therefore is treated as such. Each child’s needs are met in a warm, caring, consistent, and safe environment designed to promote growth and development and provide a model for appropriate behavior and treatment of others. 

Our carefully chosen and trained teaching team of caring, professional early childhood educators recognizes that all children develop and grow at different paces and have different learning styles. Our teaching team guides children through their day using a variety of positive, developmentally appropriate techniques that foster self-control and the awareness to make appropriate choices.