Our Team

Our carefully chosen and trained teaching team of caring, professional early childhood educators recognizes that all children develop and grow at different paces and have different learning styles. Our teaching team guides children through their day using a variety of positive, developmentally appropriate techniques that foster self-control and the awareness to make appropriate choices.

9-2018 APRIL.jpg

april lucero

Assistant Director/Preschool Teacher


9-2018 CORINNE.jpg

corinne garcia-gonzalez

Lead Infant Teacher

9-2018 MIKAYLA.jpg

mikayla gonzales

Lead Toddler Teacher

9-2018 ANGIE.jpg

angie carter

Assistant Infant Teacher

9-2018 ALYSE.jpg

alyse almaguer

Lead Twos Teacher

9-2018 PRISCILLA.jpg

priscilla martinez

Assistant Infant Teacher