What Is a Prayer Labyrinth?

   The Labyrinth, which graces the east entrance to St. Paul church, is a tool for prayer and quiet contemplation. It is an eight circuit labyrinth, meaning that there are basically eight concentric “circles” in the path from entry to center. If you follow the path, you see that there is one way in and reversing direction, one way out.

   Labyrinths are common to a variety of religious traditions throughout the world. Our Christian history with labyrinths goes back to the Middle Ages with the creation of the large one inside Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France, in the early thirteenth century.


   People walk the labyrinth for many reasons. Some do it to relax, some as a walking meditation, some just for fun. For Christians, who are called to center their lives on Christ, walking the labyrinth can be a beneficial spiritual discipline. In a way, it is a metaphor for the life of faith. The path moves forward, often looping back in the direction from whence you came, only to keep leading you toward the Center. Some people walk in self-emptying silence, open to the sounds of the world around them. Others walk repeating a mantra of some sort like “Jesus, remember me” or Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy,” or a verse of scripture, or a line from a cherished hymn. Some walk it at a slow pace, others at their usual walking pace. Sometimes we see children running the path or walking side by side with a friend and talking about “things”.

Laby Dedication.JPG


Our Labyrinth was dedicated during our 125 Anniversary in 2015.

Partnering With Our Neighbors:
The DIALYSIS Center & UNM Cancer Center

   We are currently working with our neighbors at the Dialysis Center (1500 Indian School Rd NE, 87102) and the UNM Cancer Center, (1201 Camino de Salud 87106) to create a path to our labyrinth for patients to use as they please. We are also hoping to add access to the Chapel for after hour visits.



Visiting TImes, Evening & Holiday Services

   You are welcome to experience the labyrinth any time of day; the garden lighting makes it possible to walk it even a sunset.  It is a new way to experience the setting of St Paul church.  I is a wonderful way to reconnect with the God of all Creation who is the source of our life, the center of all Life, and the sure and certain hope for Peace throughout this troubled world.